Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cats & Flowers

Today, I went out and braved the heat because my little darling, Marcelle, has been noticeably losing weight. She's the runt out of all our outdoor kitties and I guess she wasn't getting as much as the others. So, I went out, found her, and gave her some food away from the others so she could relax and eat. Boy, she sure enjoyed it! I must remember to do this every day so that she bulks up enough before winter. She needs to be able to butt in and get the food herself when I'm away at college.

While I was out there, watching her eat, I noticed how beautiful it was outside, so I decided to take some pictures. I wanted to share them with you guys :3

My marigolds. They're finally blooming, and hopefully are doing their job of warding away mosquitos. I got them in three colours because I wanted the gradient. I'm so glad they held the colour! I thought they were a random coloured breed of marigold, like the mini pansies I grew last year.

My outdoor cat, Marcelle. She loves to pose for pictures - every time I start snapping, I can hardly find the will to stop! Such a sweetheart. She's the cat I wish I could bring inside, because I would not want to lose such a sweet personality to something "normal" in nature - such as an eagle, hawk, or owl. The house we're about to move into doesn't have enough room for her, but I would like to think that when I have my own place I will bring her inside.

My brother's cat, Fluffie (yes, it's spelt with an 'IE'). By far the third most snuggly cat out of the outdoor bunch. Hardly ever does she look into the camera, lol.

My brother's cat, Flumpy. She's the second most snuggly cat out of the outdoor bunch, since she almost always makes a bee-line to me when she sees me. She's also the only long-haired kitten that came out of both litters that graced us last summer, and we have no idea why. That long fur is super silky soft, though.

It was the perfect day for taking pictures. I think those marigolds were working and doing their job since I wasn't bit while I was outside ^^

I'm going to miss these kitties while I'm at college. I really need to start taking pictures of these guys so I can put them in a photo album. I want to be able to look at them whenever I can. But I'm sure going to miss touching them and talking to them :'(

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