Saturday, December 5, 2015


Have you ever encountered one of those moments where you realized you've realized that you have made a terrible mistake?

I have. I experienced this less than hour ago when I stepped into a gas station and attempted to purchase a Google Play card and found that I had already depleted most of the money I had earned while Christmas shopping in the city. I didnt realize that they couldn't take the card back when my debit card declined the purchase.

Now the woman behind the counter had to pay for a card she probably can't use! I'm asking myself over and over about wht I had to go and try and buy that card. I can inlt pray for forgiveness and that the woman knows someone who can use the card!

I felt I had to write this down in order to get this off my chest. I feel like such a horrible person. What would you do if you were in my situation, where you have no cash, no credit card, and only a debit card that doesn't have enough money on it?

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