Saturday, November 21, 2015

College Contemplations

The day before yesterday, I finally entered in to that moment in life where you realize you're on the cusp of freedom and the only thing standing between you and that freedom is the fact that you need to get a job to save for the move and life you'll enter into once you leave home.

Yes, I've finally gotten excited about college.

I began to research how the college I've chosen is run, and found out that, until I'm 22, I'd be forced to live on residence and share a room with a total stranger (at least, until I got to know them, then they wouldn't be a total stranger, lol).

I was okay with it, a little excited about it, and I had found the most awesome little mini-fridge that I could have in the dorm. I'd need the fridge, since the way I eat is really different from how most people around me and my family eat, and in the residence "guide book" it said I could have a fridge in case I "didn't want to get up for breakfast in the cafeteria". It sounded so interesting, and fun, even though I knew that I wouldn't be happy in the long run because I wouldn't be able to have as much as privacy as I want.

But then, last night, I realized one thing: the only pets the dorms would allow us to have is a fish in a tiny aquarium. That means that I wouldn't be able to bring Pebbles, even if I netted a private dorm for medical reasons.

I can't do that! Pebbles is my baby! She'd probably be ruined forever if I left her for the majority of two years! Two years is 14 years in the way a cat's body ages. If I left her behind with my parents, it'd be like I came back to vist relatives for short bursts every few years. To Pebbles it would be years between visits instead of weeks.

When I left to go visit family in BC back in 2012, I was gone for only just over a week, but Pebbles sat at my door and cried for most of the time I was gone. It broke my heart.

But since I can live off-campus with my grandmother as my "legal guardian", I bring Pebbles. I'm pretty sure Grandma is going to do just fine there, she'll probably make plenty of friends and my aunt, uncle, and cousin only live a few hours north.

I'm so excited!

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