Friday, October 9, 2015

Another November

"But in reading literature I become a thousand [people] and yet remain myself."
~ C.S. Lewis
Another November is on its way, and yet it seems like I just blinked and left June in the dust. This will be my second November NaNoWriMo, and I will be writing a novel called The Infinity Machine. I'm so psyched because I thought of the idea for this story back when I was writing By Diadem's Light, and the title came to me not long after. And the title makes sense.
With By Diadem's Light, it was more of a production name than an offical name. I had no idea what to call a novel that was basically a re-try of a novel I wanted to call "Terra Nova". But with The Infinity Machine, the name holds wonder and suspense for what I will put in the novel. I am really excited, and the yummy icing on the cake is that I found a really great way on how to structure my story, and I'm getting how the author who made it has explained it. I can't wait to finish planning.
Now, let's see how many words I'll be able to write when I try to not hide in my room all day and be more sociable with my family this November, lol.

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